Red is a tightly-wound, hungry wolf of a girl, crashing at a squat in Los Angeles.  She receives a phone call with some unexpected tragic news so she steals the squat-lord’s car and heads back to her hometown of Modesto.  Something feels different, Red’s former home is numb and exhausted. There’s a toxic sickness that has settled into everything and her father’s death is a mystery. 

Tom is a drifter and a voyeur. He’s stuck in Modesto. He’s never had a girlfriend - or a boyfriend. Tom cruises around town in his Plymouth Duster and Red finds herself in it.  He begins to drive Red up and down the 99 highway. Other drifters come and go; a grim reaper with a spider web tattooed on his head, misfits burning garbage in the orchard, an old stripper in a wheelchair, a dead coyote nailed to the fence. A road movie that keeps on winding around itself.

Red and Tom take acid and hallucinate next to an irrigation canal. Crickets chirp and morph into an eerie symphony. Red disappears into the orchard and sets out on her own to hustle some money. Tom creeps into dark alleyways to peek into windows.

The plague is already here. Pesticides, lies and Paranoia. Tractor beams in the vineyards. A yellow dust coats everything. Everyone is sleepwalking. Steam under the hood. Gravel in the mouth. Tom and Red are back on the road and Red tells Tom to pull over.  Reagan delivers the State of the Union on the radio. A body was found next to the river. 

The sickness is growing.